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What Is The Best Lure For Peacock Bass? (Our TOP 4!)

March 13, 2020

What is the best lure for peacock bass

When searching for the best lure for peacock bass, I think it’s important to note some characteristics regarding the way they eat first. Peacock bass are powerful and aggressive when eating or protecting their offspring.

Because of that, they react instinctively, using their strength to attack quickly. When working any bait for peacock bass, you want it to move quickly to induce that reaction bite and give them little time to think about it.

Top Water

topwater lure for peacock bass

Catching a peacock bass with a topwater lure will easily be the most fun approach. However, it won’t be the most productive. You won’t catch as many fish because peacock bass are mostly searching for prey subsurface.

Plus, topwater lures have a low hook up ratio because of missed eats. With that in mind, I would recommend throwing a topwater lure after you’ve already caught a couple of peacocks.

The Hedon Zara Spook is a classic walk the dog topwater plug that will call the attention to any nearby peacock bass. Any color variation with white or silver (for more flash) on the bottom is ideal. Fish and frogs have white undersides and would look like a perfect meal to a peacock bass.

Jerk Baits

To produce the most fish when targeting peacock bass, I would have a jerk bait tied on. The sporadic movement coupled with flashy colors is irresistible to most peacock bass.

Rapala has nailed it with the Husky Jerk and the X- Rap. Both subsurface jerk baits continue to produce time and time again. I would stay stocked up on the gold/black or silver/black as my go-to. However, any color variation with a light or flashy belly and a dark back will get the job done.


bucktail jig for peacock bass

Rarely, peacock bass will be in a stagnant mood. They may deny everything you throw at them, leaving you extremely frustrated. The counterpunch is to toss a jig and bounce it across their face.

Although they aren’t looking to eat, that up and down movement right in their face triggers their instinct to attack. Bucktail jigs are my go-to. A white or pink paired with a little flash is one of the best color lures for peacock bass period!


clouser minnow fly peacock bass

Fly fishing has drastically evolved over the last few years. However, when targeting peacock bass, the principles are still the same. You want a baitfish pattern that has bright colors and a little flash tied on to induce that reaction bite.

The clouser is a staple pattern worldwide and proves its fame with peacock bass too. A simple white and chartreuse clouser with medium dumbbell eyes and a little flash will have the peacock bass fighting for your fly.

The little added weight in the dumbbell eyes will give you the best of both worlds between a jerk bait and a jig. With that mixture, it could easily be the best way to target peacock bass. I will leave that to you to decide.


top 4 lures for peacock bass

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