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      Best Bait For Cobia

      Best Bait For Cobia
      The best bait for cobia can often be anything you have rigged up when a pod pops up. They are aggressive and getting anything in front of them as soon as possible will often trigger that bite.

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      How Long Does Fishing Line Last?

      How Long Does Fishing Line Last
      How long fishing line lasts depends on what type of line you’re using, the care you take to preserve it, and a few factors that you can not control. Braid, Monofilament, and Fluorocarbon all have different expected life spans. However, these numbers are only a guide.

      Going off a specific number and only changing after that allotted time is good but will still result in a lot of failures. We should use it as a guide rather than a law. The best practice is to always be on top of your fishing line, double and triple-checking its integrity.

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      Flats Fishing Flamingo (Guide To The Front)

      Flats Fishing Flamingo Guide
      The first step to flats fishing flamingo is getting on the water. From skiffs to kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, your options are endless. We all love to obsess over what the best boat is but in reality there are just a few key features you NEED.

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      Best Tarpon Baits (Live, Lures, & Flies)

      Best Tarpon Bait
      Tarpon are prehistoric beasts! If you have never caught one you should add it to your bucket list immediately. Anglers travel across the world every year to satisfy that tarpon itch. It makes sense, few species can compare to the thrilling fight of a triple-digit tarpon.

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      What Is UPF Clothing? The Ultimate Sun Protection Guide

      What Is UPF Clothing
      Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF is a measurement used to test and determine how many ultraviolet rays a fabric allows through. There are two types of UV radiation accounted for in UPF tests, UVA and UVB. These tests result in a UPF rating displayed on the clothing you buy, for example, you will see a tag or label stating UPF 50 or less.

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